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Comprehensive drone training courses to quickly master flight, photography, videography with a community and downloadable resources.

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Access to ALL courses and lessons, including new releases

I'm continually adding lessons to my courses, and with an active membership, you'll receive immediate access to new courses as I release them! I will also email you when I release new content so you can stay in the loop with the latest lessons!

Preflight Checklists for DJI Drones

I'll include a preflight checklist PDF download for each DJI drone that you can print out and keep with you (or use on your phone/tablet) that will help you set up repeatable processes to ensure a safe and reliable drone flight!

Join Our Private Discord Drone Community

By enrolling in courses, you'll have access to our private discord server! Here you'll have direct access to other students to discuss course lessons, ask questions and help shape the future of Aerial Guide courses!

Cinematic video settings cheat sheet

I've made a cheat sheet for one of my most requested lessons, how to shoot cinematic footage with a drone! This cheat sheet is a reference you can print out or keep on your phone/tablet that will help you learn how your settings will effect your image, to achieve a cinematic visuals.

30-day money back guarantee

I've put a lot of work into these courses, and I'm confident there is something for everyone to learn! If for any reason you are not satisfied with the courses, I'll give you a no questions asked refund for your last month's subscription.

Course Completion Certificate

After you're done completing each course, you'll receive a certificate of completion showing you know your stuff!

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